Water Intelligence Sensor Platform (WISP)

The WISP platform integrates sensors (pressure, temperature, vibration, flow, moisture, water quality), data acquisition, transmission and management systems in a powerful water insights platform. WISP sensor comes in a 20x20x10mm3 package, a battery life of 8-15 years that can be mounted externally, making it easy to install. WISP is an end-to-end solution that provides users with intelligent insight into warter use, flows, leaks etc. using deep AI and M2M tools and human centric visualization.

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WISP platform has been developed and is in pilot trials. SENSCO is looking for additional pilots across the globe to develop deeper knowledge base and impact assessments.

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Deep M2M and AI technologies used to interpret data gathered by sensor systems that are mounted on water pipes. Robust and secure wireless transmission to send the data to the cloud. Human cenrtric visulization dashboards that provide the user with intelligent insights.

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Work with commercial property owners, residential home insurance companies and water utilities to deliver realtime insights that will help manage water use and early detection of water leaks.

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Expand pilots and secure funding to accelerate Go-To-Market.