Artificial Intelligence based prospecting solution for locating Self-recharging underground rivers & water-sources between depths of 300-800 meters with 98% accuracy.

WaterQuest is an eco-conscious social enterprise using Artificial Intelligence for locating perennial underground rivers at depth of 300-800 meters with quality, temp, flowrate accuracy of 92%. It has taken 40 years of development to achieve 98% waterfinding accuracy across 1200 wells done globally. Post mapping, we drill, develop quality perennial water-sources upto 3 Mn Gallons per Day output in 3 months at target location with low CAPEX, low operating costs with no Env Impact

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About This Innovation

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

More than 1,200+ water sources have been developed employing the said technoology across different countries including but not limited to Spain, Latin America, Middle East, Israel and etc. The said solution has been tested in diverse geographies. 

The first source developed was in the year 1977 is still operating with same hydrological efficiencies. We will be happy to share the testimonials and pictures of the on-site operations as required. 

Do you have current users or testers?

We have over 1200+ operational wells in different countries working with the same efficiency from the day one. These water sources were drilled/developed to meet the diverse needs of water be it for drinking supply, agriculture, industrial need, combat the contaminated water challenge and others.